It can be easy to assume that men want completely different things from a relationship than women do. Commitment and fidelity are important for many men.

Respect is also key for many men, as is recognizing their opinions and feelings. Men appreciate being treated as equal partners. It is a huge turn off when they feel clingy or indecisive.

Commitment and fidelity

Men want to be in a relationship with someone who is committed and devoted. They also want to know that they are not being used or taken advantage of. This is why it is important to communicate about these issues early on in the relationship.

One thing that many women overlook is that men need their independence, as well. They don’t like it when their partner smothers them or tries to control their lives. Men find it very attractive when a woman has her own interests and passions and can talk about them openly.

It’s a good idea to discuss what fidelity and commitment mean to you both, so that you can come up with a definition that works for your relationship. This is especially important if you have children together. If you’re not committed, it will be hard for him to trust you with his own future. This may turn him off and scare him away.

Emotional intimacy

Men seek emotional intimacy, which is a closeness characterized by trust and understanding. Emotional intimacy can be achieved by sharing your inner life with your partner and listening to him with compassion and care, even if he is talking about something negative in his life.

Men also seek a woman who will respect their independence and give them space for activities outside the relationship. They want to be able to enjoy their friendships and interests without feeling like they are sacrificing their time with their significant other.

Emotional intimacy can be more important to a man than physical intimacy. A healthy relationship requires both emotional and physical intimacy to be fulfilling. A marriage that lacks emotional intimacy can become disconnected, unhealthy and even traumatic. A lack of emotional intimacy can be caused by many things, such as neglect and indifference. It can also occur when one partner is unable to communicate openly and honestly with the other.


Men want a clear, open line of communication. When there are misunderstandings, they want to know that their girlfriend will handle them in a mature way. A lack of communication can create a lot of confusion in a relationship. This can be especially true for guys who are trying to figure out what their girl wants in a relationship.

Men like to feel that their partner will support their ambitions. Whether it is a career goal or a personal project, they appreciate having a partner who will be their biggest cheerleader. This also helps to keep them motivated and feeling secure about the relationship.

A man also wants to feel that you want him, and not just in the physical sense. You can show him this by complimenting him or touching him non-sexually throughout the day. However, it is important not to suffocate him by making him feel overly dependent on you. This can be a turn off for many men.


Men want a woman who can handle her emotions maturely. They hate it when she becomes defensive or clingy over trivial things, especially when it’s out of her control. It’s emasculating and degrading to them and they feel a need to distance themselves from her when this happens.

Mature people can handle criticism and compliments in a balanced way. They understand that most situations have multiple sides and aren’t black or white. They are able to recognize their own flaws and seek help and guidance from others.

They can set realistic goals and plans in their life. They develop a vision, are optimistic in a reasonable way and are able to empathize with others without becoming insufferably self-absorbed. They also have a healthy sense of humor. Being goofy with them is okay, too, as long as it doesn’t become a crutch for emotional support. Mature women don’t rely on their partners for validation or approval, but they’re also not afraid to stand up for themselves when needed.